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As pioneers in the software industry, Kryszna Tec has developed SUBWARE, a powerful new tool that solves a five decade-old IT conundrum: providing a sustainable, cost-effective, long-term solution by giving businesses a live view of their IT cost and service catalogue.

Kryszna Tec’s SUBWARE is an application built to manage IT value and gives you a 360-degree view of the financial health of your business. SUBWARE is focused on driving down costs, increasing efficiency and providing critical cost, scalability, agility and security data to assist in making cloud transformation decisions.

Kryszna Tec is home to IT trailblazers who have a combined experience of more than five decades in the industry at major medium to enterprise business.

Merging talent, creative innovation and bold entrepreneurship with the highest quality standards, Kryszna Tec’s SUBWARE was seeded in 2011 in the fast-paced, complex environment of Africa’s largest bank. After six years of stringent tests and pushing the lateral thinking envelope, SUBWARE is poised to revolutionise businesses, as a single ecosystem designed to deliver tangible business and cost results.

Revolutionise Your

If you manage a business, but do not have line of sight of how your company’s finances are performing or you are unsure of how much money is being spent on assets and IT, then SUBWARE provides an innovative, cost-effective solution that will optimise the way you do business.

Kryszna Tec will tailor SUBWARE for your business. The turnaround time is quick. One of our specialists will install the software at your business. Once up-and-running, SUBWARE will collate data across your business’s disparate systems and deliver IT Asset Information to assets, software, applications and services.

A Cloud Simulator that will select any portion of your business and simulate what the actual cost will be in the cloud by vendor. All at a fraction of the cost of other solutions SUBWARE does not aggregate data but breaks down IT assets into their individual pieces, allowing you to sense-check revenue streams and balance cost-performance parameters.

The Result

SUBWARE is a results-oriented application that is designed to create globally-efficient, cost-effective IT departments. The software will help you save money by providing a clear view of actual costs and critical information that will help your business transition into a full or hybrid cloud environment. SUBWARE will also manage the costs and delivery after the transition.

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All medium and large enterprises stand to benefit from Kryszna Tec’s SUBWARE.
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